E-Cigarettes Show Best Results For Quitting Smoking

Our friends over at Forbes posted an article today about the results of a new vape study that is extremely more detailed and granular than past studies, which not surprising to anyone at the Northwest Vaper, reports that people who vaped more than once or a few times had much higher success at quitting smoking! This finding really shows how poorly past study data was recorded. No wonder there were so many anti-vape propaganda studies a few years back claiming vaping doesn't help people quit, since the people participating in those studies that claimed vaping did not help with their failed attempt only vaped once or a few times.

Have you ever heard a vape advocate claim that e-cigarettes could cure tobacco addiction after a few puffs? That sounds just as ridiculous now as when these studies were recorded years back.  The good news is that these studies are finally catching on to common sense, in our humble opinion.  The great news is that thousands of people world wide have successfully quit smoking by vaping - they might of had to hit the vape more then a few times - but quit smoking by using vaping nonetheless!  Below you will find the meat of this article sandwhich for your review, I definitely encourage you to go check out the original article on Forbes and the actual study from Oxford Academic Journals here. Staying educated and passing what we learn on is one of the most important jobs us vape advocates can do!

"The data for this study came from the 2014-2015 survey and included 23,633 smokers, just under half of whom (10,973) had attempted at least once to quit smoking. Most of those who tried to quit didn’t succeed, a total of 8,419 people. But 1,596 people had remained successful for at least 3 to 12 months, 623 of them had quit one to three months before the survey, and 335 had just quit within the past month. By analyzing survey responses in these individual groups about who had used e-cigarettes and how often, the researchers were able to analyze the link between e-cigarettes and quitting more closely.
They found that smokers who used an e-cigarette only once or a few times were less likely to successfully quit, a possible reason for some past studies’ findings that e-cigarettes didn’t help if those studies lumped together people who had ever tried an e-cigarette and those who used them more frequently. But for those who used e-cigarettes more often, especially the longer they used them, the success rate went up. Each additional day of e-cigarette used increased the odds of successfully quitting by about 5%, the researchers found. Using e-cigarettes for at least five days in a month increased the odds of quitting by 59%, and using them at least 20 days more than doubled the odds."
"A study in 2010 using the same data source might have found e-cigarettes less helpful at helping people quit because e-cigarettes were not as sophisticated as they are today, especially in delivering bigger doses of nicotine." 
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Geeked Out Braceface E-Juice Mango Strawberry Peach
Geeked Out Brace Face Strawberries Mangos & Peaches E-Juice

Dork Breath Vape Juice Tropical Sweet Watermelon Tart Lemonade E-Juice
Geeked Out Dork Breath Watermelon Lemonade E-Juice

Snot Shot Pear Apple Kiwi E-Liquid
Geeked Out Snot Shot Apple Pear Kiwi E-Juice

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As most members of our vape community are well aware of, vaping (E-cigarettes) has emerged as an amazing tool to address the overwhelming harm to public health caused by tobacco smoking by offering smokers a far less harmful means of receiving nicotine. For several decades public health policies were dedicated to smoking cessation as the only real means to reduce tobacco-related disease. Unfortunately, it became clear that a proportion of smokers remain unable or unwilling to quit. That fact helped encourage the concept of tobacco harm reduction become recognized. Tobacco harm reduction is a strategy with the aim of lowering the health risks associated with tobacco use. This could potentially be achieved through reducing cigarette consumption by making available alternative and less harmful sources of nicotine. With the rising popularity of e-cigarettes, the concept of tobacco harm reduction has started to become a global reality.

Tobacco Smoke VS Vapor

Following an in-depth review of the evidence provided by several scientific studies, Public Health England reported that e-cigarettes were likely to be 95% less harmful than conventional cigarettes and concluded that the health hazard caused by vaping “is likely to be extremely low and certainly much lower than smoking”. This view was further upheld by the Royal College of Physicians which indicated it is likely to be substantially less harmful than conventional cigarettes, "My reading of the evidence is that smokers who switch to vaping remove almost all the risks smoking poses to their health," reported Professor Peter Hajek of Queen Mary University.

Prolonged exposure to combusted tobacco smoke is the main cause in the development of cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cancer according to the US Department of Health and Human Services 2010 Surgeon General’s report. Cigarette smoke is a complex aerosol, comprising more than 6000 identified constituents distributed in the particulate, vapor and gas phases. Exposure to both phases and the retention of smoke particles contributes to smoking-related injury and disease. Lung injury after cigarette smoking is particle related. It has been noted that the e-cigarette aerosol, in contrast, comprises soluble liquid droplets and minimal vapor phase components. Numerous studies have shown that the e-cigarette nicotine pharmacokinetic (PK) profile more closely resembles that of a cigarette over other pharmaceutical nicotine-replacement therapy (NRT) products, allowing vaping to have a much greater potential to serve as successful cigarette substitutes.  Vaping delivers nicotine sufficiently to be considered as a perfect potential tobacco harm reduction by mimicking real cigarette smoke, and as the following study shows that compared to the dangers of actual cigarette smoke vapor does not have the same risks.

Figure 1. Borgwaldt RM20S smoking machine.

Using a robust in vitro method, this study assessed the cytotoxic response and cell damage of e-cigarette aerosols that can be effectively compared with conventional cigarette smoke.  An exposure system, comprising a smoking machine, traditionally used for in vitro tobacco smoke exposure assessments, was adapted for use with e-cigarette vapor to expose human lung epithelial cells. Analysis methods were employed to detect/distinguish aerosol dilutions from a reference Kentucky cigarette and two commercially available e-cigarettes. Vape aerosol induced 97%, 94% and 70% less cytotoxicity than standard tobacco cigarette smoke. Test doses where cigarette smoke and e-cigarette aerosol cytotoxicity were observed are comparable with calculated daily doses in consumers. The evidence from this study supports the view that vaping causes far less damage to cell systems when compared to smoking.

According to further research published in Annals of Internal Medicine, Cancer Research UK-funded scientists found that people who swapped inhaling the smoke from regular cigarettes for e-cigarette nicotine vapor for at least six months, had much lower levels of toxic and cancer causing substances in their body than people who continued to use conventional cigarettes.

"This study adds to growing evidence that e-cigarettes are a much safer alternative to tobacco, and suggests the long term effects of these products will be minimal." said Alison Cox of Cancer Research UK

As vaping is a relatively new phenomenon, there are still limited amounts of unbiased scientific data on the longer-term health effects of their use. That is why every one of these studies is so important, as knowledge is the key to win the war on vaping. Understanding and communicating the benefits of nicotine replacements, such as vaping, is an important step towards reducing the number of tobacco-related deaths. The public deserves accurate information on the health risks of vaping vs cigarettes. From the best evidence to date, e-cigarettes are much less dangerous than cigarettes.

References & Citations

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Adamson JAzzopardi DErrington G, et al. (2011). Assessment of an in vitro whole cigarette smoke exposure system: the Borgwaldt RM20S 8-syringe smoking machine. Available from:

Figure 1. Borgwaldt RM20S smoking machine. (i) Cigarette smoke generator. (ii) Original four-syringe system. (iii) Four-syringe extension. (iv) Air-flow controller. (v) Cell culture media maintained at 37 °C. (vi) British American Tobacco’s exposure chamber housed at 37 °C, attached to the smoke diluter and culture media
With many smokers relying on vaping to satisfy their nicotine cravings, many worry about their health risks. Although e-cigarettes do not produce smoke, their nicotine content has left some vapers worried as to whether their vapor may damage DNA and lead to tumors. Those vapers can breath a sigh of relief as a new study has revealed e-cigarettes do NOT cause cancer. The finding re-enforces claims that e-cigs are a safer alternative to tobacco, the study claims.

According to Action on Smoking and Health, around 2.8 million adults in the UK use e-cigarettes. Researchers from London-based British American Tobacco exposed laboratory cells to the emissions of an electronic or standard cigarette. The study, published in the journal of Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis, revealed that only traces of the normal cigarette collected in the cells  promoted tumor development. The e-cigarette vapor caused no cancer-related toxicity at any nicotine dose.

Following these findings, the researchers plan to use similar methods to their laboratory cell technique, known as a Bhas 42 assay, to continue to compare conventional and electronic cigarettes. Study author Dr Damien Breheny stated:
This is the first time this particular test, the Bhas 42 assay, has been used to compare tobacco and nicotine products. It is one of a series of tests being developed and refined by British American Tobacco to compare the relative biological effects of e-cigarettes and tobacco-heating products with conventional cigarettes.

Supporting published research data for further reference:

Abstract from Comparative tumor promotion assessment of e-cigarette and cigarettes using the in vitro Bhas 42 cell transformation assay

In vitro cell transformation assays (CTA) are used to assess the carcinogenic potential of chemicals and complex mixtures and can detect non genotoxic as well as genotoxic carcinogens. The Bhas 42 CTA has been developed with both initiation and promotion protocols to distinguish between these two carcinogen classes. Cigarette smoke is known to be carcinogenic and is positive in in vitro genotoxicity assays. Cigarette smoke also contains nongenotoxic carcinogens and is a tumour promoter and cocarcinogen in vivo. We have combined a suite of in vitro assays to compare the relative biological effects of new categories of tobacco and nicotine products with traditional cigarettes. The Bhas promotion assay has been included in this test battery to provide an in vitro surrogate for detecting tumor promoters. The activity of an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette; Vype ePen) was compared to that of a reference cigarette (3R4F) in the promotion assay, using total particulate matter (TPM)/aerosol collected matter (ACM) and aqueous extracts (AqE) of product aerosol emissions. 3R4F TPM was positive in this assay at concentrations ≥6 µg/mL, while e-cigarette ACM did not have any promoter activity. AqE was found to be a less suitable test matrix in this assay due to high cytotoxicity. This is the first study to use the Bhas assay to compare tobacco and nicotine products and demonstrates the potential for its future application as part of a product assessment framework. These data add to growing evidence suggesting that e-cigarettes may provide a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. Environ. Mol. Mutagen. 58:190–198, 2017. © 2017 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. DOI: 10.1002/em.22091 PMID: 28444993 

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