Northwest Vaper Talks about our Palm Beach Fam Downtown Vapes... Sunny Florida, you are missed!

Fall is definitely upon us here in the Pacific Northwest. Thankfully the 2016 wind storm blew by leaving us relatively unscathed minus a few flickering lights and some overturned patio furniture. I woke up this morning to find my car (and the whole neighborhood) covered in an autumn rainbow of damp leaves. Besides needing to throw on an extra hoody and plan on grabbing a rake one of these days I do love this time of year, but can’t help fondly remembering the warm summer, especially the couple of weeks we got to spend during the past two years in sunny Florida in Miami at The World Vapor Expo, and with The Northwest Vape’s West Palm Beach Fam at Downtown Vapes.

Vape Lyfe on South Beach, Miami

 We had the honor of meeting DTV at the Miami Vape Expo at the end of May in 2015, hitting it off immediately. Downtown Vapes was founded by our friends John, Justin, and Ryan. All former traditional cigarette smokers, and all 3 were able to find a permanent alternative to smoking with the help of vaping. DTV’s founders felt that anyone can find a better alternative to smoking as long as they can find the right help, which is one of the best reasons we have ever heard to start up a killer vape company with the goal of offering the public a quality vaping experience. These guys have run the gauntlet of alternative options including Justin’s try at disposable e-cigs, John’s go of prescription aids, and Ryan, a 7 year veteran of chain smoking, who actually had no intention of quitting cigarettes altogether. But once he bought his first vaporizer, he transitioned to vaping and hasn't looked back! Who can blame him, with awesome flavors like his favorite La Crème, a creamy thick & buttery vanilla nod to creme brulee e-juice, why would anyone want to light up a cigarette? DTV has premium e-liquid flavors for every taste including Justin’s one true love Potion #9, a smooth subtle strawberry custard e-juice, and John’s favorite refreshing flavor Black & Blue Lemonade.

It’s been a rollercoaster ride of fun since Northwest Vape partnered up with the DTV Boys in both business and summertime adventures... Like one fond night during the Miami World Vapor Expo in 2015 we had, at The South Beach One Hotel rooftop after party. All of the vendors were given wristbands for free drinks. One small hiccup, The DTV Crew doesn’t drink, but Mike from Northwest Vape has the honor of being our designated drinker, so drinks were had! John and Ryan were going up to the bar and getting two drinks at a time and feeding them to Mike, and that is where the true Northwest Vape Fam love began. Now DTV and their crew are our great friends, supporting one another through advocacy efforts for the Pink Lung Brigade and Cloud Comps NW. Look for the awesome DTV lineup on and stay tuned for more to come soon from our friends soaking up the sun down in Florida!

DTV, Northwest Vape, & Source Code Partying in Miami 2015

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