Why "Eventing" is Important in the Vape Community!

Pink Lung Brigade meeting with Bill Bryant to discuss Vape Advocacy
Look around you, bear witness to the mighty tool we have in “eventing”... Yea, we just made that word up and yeah it will cost you in royalties If you so choose to use it ☺

All great movements have strong foundations that are social by nature. People are terribly amazing social creatures so you can (maybe) see why “eventing” is such a fantastic and important tool to help any movement grow against entities of tyranny like the FDA. We, the vape community, have the tall task in battling local government agencies, state governments agencies, federal governments, big pharma AND big tobacco 24/7. 

Under all of that consistent pressure no one expects the under dog to win, especially when the battle is against some of the biggest heavy hitters world wide. Yet somehow the vapor community has been shown to be one of pure resilience. Many rules have been placed on us and some have changed the way we now have to go about “eventing” within our community, but none have even come close to actually stopping our social movement. How does our community of small businesses and ex-smoking civilians manage to not only just stay alive, but actually flourish? One word - eventing. 

“Eventing” is where we can get together (most of the time for free) to get registered to vote, organize as a group, discuss new goals and challenges, raise money for great organizations like Pink Lung BrigadeNotBlowingSmoke.org and American Vaping Association and unite as one voice with the same common goals. “Eventing” is where we have the amazing opportunity to all gather to share our individual experiences and strengths with vaping and make new friends. Experience has shown us that those friends more often than not evolve into family. Which brings us to the overall point: “Eventing creates family” & "Family rallies together"

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 On behalf of everyone at the Northwest Vaper family, keep “eventing” America and let’s take advantage of the greatest tool we have in fighting against unjust rules and regulations, greed and corruption, bias smear campaign propaganda, and overall vape ignorance.


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