Become Your Local Vape Shop's Volunteer - We don’t work here.. We can help you.

We don’t work here.. We can help you.
CCNW Vape Shop Volunteers
Vape Shop Volunteers ready to help customers at The Vape Tank in Lynnwood WA
The folks over at Cloud Comps NW have heard the call of the frustrated vape shop employees & customers affected by the August 8th, 2016 FDA regulations that made it very difficult for shop staff to fully help newcomers to the community. These changes include new enforced regulations where employees can only offer very limited advice on using vape products to successfully quit smoking, including showing customers how to properly handle and maintain vape hardware including devices, atomizers, coils, & e-liquids.
Why are these changes motivating volunteers to step up to help? Let's give this a shot at breaking it down for you to really understand what's happening..
When a active smoker decides to take the first steps in transitioning from combustible tobacco to vaping, traditionally local vape shop staff filled in the role of educator & support team. They could happily share their knowledge and experience to new soon-to-be-ex-smoking-customers about proper care and usage of vape devices, accessories, and eliquid by physically assisting with setting up devices or actively troubleshooting problems. This includes common tasks such as connecting a tank to a battery, screwing in a coil, filling a tank with e-liquid, re-wrapping batteries, re-wicking cotton on rebuildable drip atomizers, etc. Some vape shops also offered to rebuild coils across a variety of devices to the individual specification of the user, and to explain safety and harm reduction information such as ohms law.
In the FDA’s view, these acts can no longer be performed by retailers — with very limited possible exceptions — because they now constitute “manufacturing.” Now employees cannot physically manipulate any product that is being sold or that has been sold when the customer needs help learning proper use or operating their device. Why you might ask is that such a big deal? Besides the obvious fact that a non-working vape does absolutely nothing to help adults successfully make the switch from tobacco, we are sure that you have probably heard at least one or two horror stories in the media about vape devices "exploding", right? Well 99.999% of the time the reason a vaper's device goes haywire, possibly causing damage to itself or to the user, is because of operator error.  Before these new regulations, it was the vape shop employee's mission to share and educate customers on vape operation and safety. With these new rules it's now illegal a large portion of the time for staff to follow through on this mission!  That my friends, is where vape shop volunteers step up and truly shine - Donating time, knowledge, and skills to offer help to vapers in need. Helping the less experienced vaper with the tools and knowledge needed to not only allow them to vape safe, but to help them get off and actually stay off combustible tobacco is such an amazing & rewarding experience!  
 CCNW created the “Volunteer Shirt” to assist advocates with volunteering their time and skills to fill in the gap. Vape Volunteers wear these shirts when they go hang out at local vape shops to alert patrons that they are more than happy to help, along with bringing awareness to this very troubling issue created by the disastrous FDA Regulations. 
Interested in being a vape shop volunteer? Or maybe you want to reward your shop's local vape hero for their help? Follow this link to get your “Volunteer Shirt” today!


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