Artist Liquid's Cotton Coil Collection - What's a Cotton Coil Collection you ask?

The “Cotton Coil Collection” is the sum of four entities who agreed to come together and create two unique products.
Cotton Coil Collection Black Edition Artist Liquids Lepyisms Coils and CKS Cloud Kicker Cotton
Artist Liquids Black Edition Maple Bar E-Liquid, Lepyisms Clapton Coils, & CKS Cloud Kicker Cotton Combo Vape Kit at Northwest Vape
The first of the two, is Black Edition, starring Lepyisms, Cloud Kicker Cotton and Artist Liquids. This will come as a box set that includes a 60ml bottle of “Black Edition” from Artist Liquids which is a “ Maple Bar dipped in sweet milk”, a master crafted pair of  Lepyisms Coils imbedded in the brand new “Cloud Kicker Cotton” by Cloud Kicker Society of California. 
The second of the two, is Cotton Cookies, starring Lepyisms, Cloud Kicker Cotton and Artist Liquids. This also will come as a box set that will include a 60ml bottle of “Cotton Cookies” from Artist Liquids which is a “ Sweet, creamy cotton candy that’s wrapped in a subtle cookie ”, a pair of beautifully crafted Lepyisms Coils imbedded in “Cloud Kicker Cotton” from our friends at Cloud Kicker Society.

Cotton Cookies Cotton Coil Collection Artist Liquids Vape Nurse CKS Cloud Kicker Cotton

CK|S “Cloud Kicker Society” represents the hope of humanity to one day turn this world into a smoke-free environment. Thier products represent change and positivity through unification, awareness and education. Artist Liquids, and Lepyisms all embody the same mission of our partners at CKS. We are proud to bring you these insane box sets of deliciousness.

These two distinctly unique box sets are available now at Northwest Vape for both retail vape customers and wholesale vape businesses. These products give you everything you need to have an amazing connoisseur vaping experience. 


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