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What exactly is a RUZE you and my spell check ask? Nope, it is not a typo, and nope it is not spelled in the traditional way our readers may know as “Ruse” - which is to “trick or deceive someone” but rather “Ruze”.. So we had to ask, What EXACTLY is a RUZE?

The Ruze in Ruze Vapor is a combination of the two owners names, Ruvin and Ezra.. These two came together with their savvy business skills and love of the vape life, busting onto the scene around a year ago. The Northwest Vape Fam still fondly remembers the day we met the Ruze fellas, it was at a vape advocacy launch party held at a local Greenlake vape shop, aptly named Greenlake Vapor.

The DJ pumped the night away while friends danced with smiles on their faces.. In the thick of that foggy dance floor, there was Ruze Vapor getting down, with the biggest smiles in the room.. They were launching their hearts to the world. They were launching amazing flavors like Dragon Oil, Pear Purrrfection, Melon Street and The Patriot. With all the crazy designs and distracting gimmicks e-liquid companies thow at yah, seeing Ruze Vapor's clean and age appropriate design was a much-appreciated treat. We can happily say the same thing about what was inside those bottles waiting for us to try.

The Patriot is a All-American rich & savory cinnamon apple pie, one of the best fruit pastry flavors on the market today. Melon Street is an whirlwind of cantaloupe and honeydew ejuice” that is an instant classic to be loved. Pear Purrrfection is a natural green pear with a simple syrup sweetness to it that is mouth-watering, to say the least. Dragon Oil is a tropical dragonfruit passion fruit blend touched with creamy highlights, one of our personal favorite exotic style fruit flavors.

Ruze Vapor & Artist E-Liquids in Vapun Magazine
Ruze Vapor & Artist Liquids in Issue #9 Vapun Magazine Page 86
As Ruze released their hearts to the world, we quickly fell in love and invited them to the Northwest Vape Distro family. They have been great partners within the family ever since, and that my friends, is not a ruse. You can read some of their antics in the latest edition of VAPUN Magazine (page 86 to be exact). We know you’ll love that article as much as you loved this one all about Ruze Vapor E-Liquids, which just so happens to be available for online sale at  

To give everyone an opportunity to try Ruze for themselves and as a THANK YOU for checking out this Northwest Vaper article we are happy to pass on this EXCLUSIVE coupon, only available to our readers! Use coupon code THISISARUZE on your next purchase of Ruze Vapor E-Liquids at and save 10% off every bottle of Ruze you buy! Don't wait too long though, this offer is only good until the end of the year.


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