We Vape, We Vote, We Never Give Up

I Vape I Vote
Vape Advocacy is a Privilege & a Duty 

Well, the elections are over.. All of them. While we at Northwest Vape Distro will not tell you how 
we voted, we will proudly tell you that we all did vote and we’re glad for it. Voting is a privilege that we do not take lightly and we hope that you don’t either. Voting is our one way to tell the world that democracy works, even if the ride is a little bumpy.

We have a new incoming POTUS by the name of, Donald J. Trump. We’re certain you have heard of him, as he has been in and out of popular culture since the beginning of time. Mr. Trump is not the first celebrity / political leader that we’ve elected.  President Reagan served for two terms from 1981 – 1989 and he is still regarded by conservatives and non-conservatives as an abundantly successful leader. For whatever it’s worth, we here at the Northwest Vaper implore that you (The American People) give Mr. Trump a chance. We certainly wish him the best because we are proud Americans who sincerely want the best for our country. We are hopefully optimistic on what to expect for vaping under a trump presidency

Here locally (to us) in Washington State, we were hoping for a new Governor. That just did not happen as we had hoped as Jay Inslee beat out our champion in Bill Bryant. We know for certain that Gov. Inslee wants to tax the living crap out of the vape industry (see SB 5573 & HB 1645). With knowing that it is ever more important for vape advocacy. Every single vaper needs to rally to support groups like the Pink Lung Brigade, CASAA, NotBlowingSmoke.org and the American Vaping Association. In Washington State, the Pink Lung Brigade has been our resounding voice of reason. We’re beyond thankful for the work they have done and continue to do for the citizens of Washington State. 

The fight is ever-present in the vapor industry as California just knocked us down with Prop 56 and the FDA is still not backing down. The good news in that Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WIS.) got re-elected and he has been a voice for the vape community as he continues to pressure the FDA for answers.

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Our message is simply this: Stop fighting, start unifying and keep advocating appropriately. Want to support real local small businesses fighting the good fight? Northwest Vape is proud to offer one of the largest collections of quality Premium E-Juice for sale that is made right here in the Pacific Northwest. 


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