Artist Liquids goes to ECC

Team Artist Liquid does ECC SOCAL 2016 & The Northwest Vaper shares the deets!

It was an unusually clear morning sky in Seattle when members of the Artist Liquids team went wheels up to Los Angeles. Travis (Ownership Team), Chuck (Exec. Staff), Jason, Lepyisms, Andre and Chase (Family) were off heading to the 4th annual ECC SOCAL (Electronic Cigarette Convention) in Southern California. ECC is the biggest vape expo in the United States and is the yearly mecca of Vape Lyfe's community & culture. Upon arrival, the team was welcomed by the warm sun and palm trees that come with the SoCal environment. They all scurried to check into their hotel and find some good local food before they rested up for the weekend ahead of them.

Northwest Vape Family at ECC SOCAL 2016
Northwest Vape Team Artist Liquids with Cloud 509's Jamie Newell and Dr. GoodVape's Ashley Britain 

Pulling into the parking lot at Santa Anita Field in a 2016 white Escalade, the Artist Liquids Team hops out with their PNW partners in crime Miss Jamie from Cloud 509 and CCNW's Ashley Smash.  Trotting through the line, they entered all with their own agendas. Jason (@jasnperez) is an acclaimed vape trick artist sponsored by Artist Liquids and was out to join his cohorts while taking in the sights. Chase (@chasecovert509) was there with his employer, Viper Vapor, as they had a nice booth located inside the Zamplebox tent. Dustin (@Lepyisms) was looking to join his fellow coil artists as he sported a crisp, yellow and black Artist Liquids snapback. All the while, the rest of the squad set forth for fun in the California sun, taking a much appreciated break from Seattle's forecast for a few warm sunny days.

Artist Liquids Lepyisms, OhmBoyOC, and Twisted Messes Group Picture at ECC California 2016
Artist Liquids' Lepyisms hanging out with Twisted Messes and OhmBoyOC at E.C.C. SOCAL 2016

As they all ventured into their weekend, the Artist Liquids family hung out with various factions of the Vaping Community. Including but not limited to: Grimm Green, Twisted Messes, OhmBoyOC, and the gang. By far, in their opinion, the CKS Brand booth had the most attention as many of the companies that were in attendance are represented along-side their amazing brand. The weekend went all as they planned, everyone got their agendas completed and had an amazing time. Vape Advocates like Stefan Dedak of spoke of federal compliance issues and strategies for both the business professional and the consumer.

Besides some small flight delays upon trying to come home to Seattle, the team all in all had an amazing time in California. Next year at ECC, don’t be too surprised if our friends at Artist Liquids are a main sponsor of the over-the-top Vape Event. Don’t forget to stay tuned to The Northwest Vaper for more awesome stories of travel, advocacy, interview and amazing vape coupons & deals on eliquids. Until next time, stay cloudy my friends!


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