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The Northwest Vaper family is very excited to introduce our newest guest blogger, the one and only Drip Babe Noelle Vapes!   Straight to business, she jumps head first into an op-ed discussing viral news you may have heard about;

      A few days Ago, a Facebook post was passed around by a young man who said his vape device exploded. Later, an article circulated, leaving out a lot of facts that later came to light. I refuse to link the article as it doesn’t have all the facts and helps spread misinformation to non vapers or even just not as advanced vapers as the mod the gentleman had required for safe usage. On January 15th, Andrew Hall of Pocatello Idaho posted photos on his Facebook page stating this….

He later added this to the post,

     Now, the addition to the post was not mentioned in the article I initially read. Immediately I wondered why this happened. He said he did everything the way he was supposed to. After some research it becomes very apparent that there were multiple reasons for this happening, and although it is always sad when a member of our community is injured, to suggest people quit Vaping is not the solution. After many requests, Andrew later posted photos of the mod and it appears to have been a solid copper tube mod (also known as a mech mod)….

     Andrew, like many others, had been using a local shop to build his coils before August 8, 2016 when the FDA imposed regulations on the vaping industry taking away those services from Vape shops. Andrew had a very limited knowledge on what he understood was safe for these mods. He was probably like a lot of people I know who, had watched his local vape shop staff build so many times that, when the government imposed the laws restricting the Vape shop staff being able to offer hand on assistance helping him with his Vape equipment anymore, he assumed he could just do it himself. I know a lot of people who did this when they took away help from local shops but, that is unsafe if you do not fully understand battery safety. I.e. how low of a build your batteries can safely support to run the atomizer's (RDA'S, RTAS, Sub-omn tanks, etc) coil resistance (for . A HE4 battery has a 20A rating, however if they were to be clone batteries we know those clone knockoff batteries run at more like 18A and would be FAR from safe with a 0.06 ohm coil build, like Andy later admitted he was running. The battery can only take a certain level of resistance from the coil and I know I personally build to suit batteries and nothing else. A safe 0.06 build would require a 70A battery as shown here…

Disinformation causes confusion that can snowball into new vapers not understanding what is and is not correct vape saftey. 

     Now as a vaper I was asked,” well does this mean most mods aren’t safe” and to that I say no. mechanical mods and similar unprotected / non-digital mods can be used safely but only by very advanced, educated users who fully understand “ohm law” and “watts law” along with how batteries function. We’ve all read about phones burning people, and this is just a comparison because as a coil builder you are essentially creating the phone the battery will use…build the coil to take too much from the battery and you’re holding a bomb, but build it to suit the battery and you have a wonderful device perfect for Vaping. You are the creator, you are in charge of the outcome.

     These news media stories are being wrote too soon, with the risk of destroying everything we stand for. So many people see these articles and immediately are afraid because they vape on a regulated mod with a tank and don’t know what on earth a mech mod is… in the comments of Andrews post so many people were posting photos of their mods asking “is this safe”… and that’s what makes this a real tragedy. People afraid to take a puff off their RX200 because they don’t know the difference between the mech mod Andrew had and what the poster is using. They only know that they Vape or that they may use those same batteries. To those people: if half of what I’ve wrote is a foreign language to you, then please just Vape on. If you have a display that tells you what your wattage is, typically that means you are using a much safer device that have protectors on it that prevent the battery from overloading and doing this. This confusion between types of vape mods is the main thing that is upsetting vapers everywhere. People shouldn’t be afraid to pick up a box mod…or worse ego pen…

     So, in light of this incident, I will be hosting a series of blogs about safety. Battery safety, basic mod safety, and ohm vs watts law and maybe another rewrapping batteries tutorial… I would hate to see anyone turned away from vaping because of these inaccurate stories. I asked Andrew for comment directly but did not get a response. I was however, able to piece the story together based on his own comments in the comment feed, along with screen shots of messages that other people posted. The fact of the matter is, he used a low build that he didn’t actually know the resistance on, he told what he had and it's figured to be about 0.06, he said he was experienced although he called his Twisted Messes clone RDA a Troll. He was using a 20A battery that fresh off the charger he put into the mod. He said he had the vape shop build it yet the vape shop had to stop building August 8th, he may have updated the post but the damage to our community had been done…is it sad he got hurt, But to place blame on anyone but himself is what had the community making memes like this…

      I usually won’t take a post like this this far but too many have shared the article without spending the 6 hours I spent reading the actual comments, so it needs to be said. We will review all the things Important things to keep in mind when you decide you want to build your own coils in the next blog set, till then vape safe people!

     I personally never use my mech all day, I always have a regulated mod that I will use for all day, maybe that is a safe practice for others to know too. Also, know your battery safety, if you don’t know and are using a mech mod you need to stop immediately and find out. This is the information era, everything is learnable, but you need to actually Google it and read. Most advanced vapers watch videos every day to continue learning about what they are doing. Know what resistance your build is and how that plays into ohm law and your battery. Be aware of what equipment you have and how to properly use it. Even regulated mods have right and wrong ways to use them, read your manufacturer instructions and follow them exactly. Do not use clone batteries or mods, the testing of these mods no one knows for sure, they are cutting corners to produce quickly not safely. Buy legit stuff, no large companies tested the cloned version. Remember what you sacrifice when you are only looking at a price tag. Know what a 510 connection is and make sure the pin is not flush with the outside of the connection. If your 510 pin is suddenly flat there are videos explaining how to fix it, or heck buy a new one…no one was ever upset they got something new and safe.

     All of us share a community responsibility when we Vape…people do notice and watch, if we don’t do our part to show the world what is truth from fiction we will lose the opportunity all together. Bias news stories incite fear and disinformation in people so that vaping becomes extinct and for most of us it saved us from tobacco, so that’s a scary thought. Before people started building for clouds and people just vaped, we didn’t hear these stories. When prebuilt coils were our only option there was no news…we could lose all of these cool things that make vaping easy for us because of a few people who don’t know what they are doing. Start offering help, vape shops can’t help anyone anymore so if you are a master builder ask your community regularly who wants help…who needs it! If all you are focused on is keeping trade secrets, everyone will suffer. I’m sure most these people would have definitely taken a lesson if there was someone offering it. Even if you just did a 2 hour online seminar, its easy to connect with each other these days. One community standing strong together, not master builders vs pre built coil people vs the government and vs each other. One. OK so battery safety, no clone anything, 510 check and know your laws and if not just get regulated.. And for the regulated read your owners pamphlet use and charge your device in accordance with the user manual. Don’t end up on some news channels' half ass article because you’re too embarrassed to say you didn’t know what you were doing…figure it out before the entire world is alerted that you are... it's better to be just a regular ol vapers like the rest of us than to use something that is potentially a pipe bomb… Don’t make the evening news, be safe not sorry.

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Article by Noelle Vapes @Drip.Babe

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