Northwest Vape Family - Klassik Vape: What's Your Story?

Northwest Vape is proud to call Klassik Vape a member of our family.  Klassik Vape is a company that insists on being the best. They are a company where good enough is never good enough and they pride themselves on always going the extra mile. As such, there are a few things they would like to tell you about themselves...

Klassik Vape Premium E-Liquid - An E-Liquid with a story to tell.

"Our mission is to provide only the best the E-Liquid industry has to offer. Including phenomenal flavors, ongoing and top notch customer service, and legal activism within our community!

All of our E-Liquids are put through a rigorous R&D process to ensure we are producing flavors that are second to none. Our bottles are all GCC certified and child-proof. All of our concentrates are certified Diacetyl and AP free. We do not use artificial sweeteners and only the highest quality in VG. We are proud to support advocacy groups on both a local and national level from our home base in Bellingham, WA. We always promise excellent customer service and exemplary product. We will always do everything in our power to give you an extraordinary experience and make sure your company wants for nothing within our ability to provide.

Thank you for considering Klassik Vape.

We look forward to inviting you to be a part of our story."

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