Vaping Hits North Korea

A british tourist named Del Dinsdale was on vacation travelling from China into the secretive hermit kingdom when his bags were searched by a railway crossing guard. The guard found Dinsdale's vape, at first panicking concerned that he found a bomb, luckily Del was able to quickly convince the official that the "bomb" was actually a vape e-cigarette. The idea of a electronic cigarette baffled the guard who demanded to try it.

Mr Dinsdale said: 'He thought it was an illegal item being taken into his country but I showed him what it was and he was delighted.'

Vaping in North Korea - Northwest Vaper
The guard is seen exhaling a puff of vapor, probably making him the first cloud chaser in North Korea.
Mr Dinsdale was made to delete the photos by another guard but they were still in his 'recently deleted' folder on his phone

"He began to smoke it with such delight as he had never seen an electric cigarette in his life.
'He then began to show all the other border guards and asked if I could give him it.
'I explained he would not be able to buy the eliquids in his country so he gave it back and presented me with some North Korean cigarettes.

Strict rules in the secretive country means tourists are usually forbidden from taking photos of officials - especially in a relaxed setting. But Mr Dinsdale said the guard at the crossing into Democratic People's Republic of Korea was so baffled by his vape cigarette that he happily posed for photos.

North Korean Border Guard Vaping Cloud Chasing - Northwest Vaper

Dinsdale explained "It's highly illegal taking photos of army guards and for him to allow me to do this is very strange.

'I suppose it shows that perhaps they are getting more lenient."

Here at Northwest Vaper we are hopeful that leniency in North Korea's rules becomes a reality. According to the World Lung Foundation and American Cancer Society's The Tobacco Atlas, over 45 percent of North Korea's adult population smoke cigarettes daily, which is roughly 4,569,000 people. We would love to give D.P.R.K.'s population the choice to switch from smoking to vaping. All the regulation battles we fight in the USA to protect our right to vape seems somewhat smaller when compared to an all-out-ban on ALL vape products and e-liquids. Grateful to the vape community and industry we do have is strong motivation to keep fighting to make sure we do not lose it.  


  1. That's awesome! Can't help wonder if the vape black market is secretly booming in north korea with vape freedom fighters blowing undercover clouds! Great pics and great ending, it's very true.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, let vape freedom ring!!

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