Northwest Vape's Wholesale New Customer Appreciation Event On NOW!

To celebrate the relaunch of Northwest Vape Distribution's wholesale website we are excited to announce the New Customer Appreciation summertime event!  All new wholesale customers who register their FREE wholesale account get 25% OFF your first full order! Yep, you read that right! So make sure that all of your local vape shops know they can't miss out on visiting the brand new website featuring all of your exclusive top selling E-Liquid brands for amazing prices on top of 25% off their first purchase!

Plus members of the vape community can score a FREE 60ML BOTTLE of your favorite E-Liquid by connecting your local vape shops with Northwest Vape!

 Northwest Vape Wholesale Account Sign Up Event
All new accounts receive a 25% off coupon on wholesale vape orders!

Already have a wholesale account with Northwest Vape? We appreciate you too, so use promo code: WSAppreciation10 & save 10% off your next wholesale order!

Of course we also love all of our NORTHWESTVAPE.COM Retail customers too! Use promo code NWVAPEMailer10 to save 10% off your next retail purchase. Want to earn free vape juice on top of that discount? Pass along this Wholesale New Customer Appreciation Event to your favorite local vape shops and when they place their first order using their 25% Off coupon tell them to mention your name and we will throw in a FREE 60ML bottle of your favorite E-Juice as a Thank You!

Northwest Vape Distributer based in the Northwest offering over 150 Vape Juice flavors

Want to learn more about what Northwest Vape offers our wholesale partners? We are more then happy to let you know all about it:

  • Product Samples- Not sure what e-liquid to bring in? Let us help by sending free samples for you and your staff to try before purchase. We go above and beyond to make sure every one of our sales reps are expertly educated in every product we offer, making them invaluable resources at your disposal to recommend what products will sell best in your area.
  • Flavor Swap Guarantee- If there is a trend that starts happening in your area and your customers keep coming back for one flavor but other flavors of your inventory aren't doing as well, we will swap those flavors out for ANY of our other E-Liquid brands, letting you always stay stocked with the products your customers are actively buying.
  • Tiered Pricing- Northwest Vape has a pricing structure perfect for every business, no matter how big or small.  Our multi-level pricing features a 4-tier system that rewards our partners as our relationship grows. Each company earns better pricing when they hit higher caps based on their monthly purchases instead of the standard per-order-size.
  • Swag & Marketing Support- Northwest Vape succeeds when your company succeeds. We offer free brand specific swag and promo material to our business partners that can include shirts, hats, signage, counter menus, posters, pop up displays, stickers, brand sponsored in-store events & contests, digital media, and more! Our dedicated in-house team of social media, online advertising, and SEO professionals will also blast your shop to the vape community letting everyone know that they can now find their favorite products on your shelves!
  • Authentic & Reliable- You never need to worry about NWVD cutting corners with counterfeit products or low quality e-liquids, jeopardizing your reputation and inventory. We promise authentic accessories and premium, reliable vape e-liquid and we deliver exactly that.
  • Pickup & Delivery- Northwest Vape offers our wholesale customers the ability to order online, by e-mail, over the phone, and over the counter at our warehouse located in Washington State. NWVD provides local delivery & super-fast shipping worldwide.  
  • Northwest Vape Family- Have questions about the vape industry? Does your shop need guidance or help? We have years of vape industry experience in retail, manufacturing, marketing, advocacy, and distribution and are always happy to discuss current market trends, rules & regulations, and successfully growing your company. Our network of professional contacts and in-house experts can help with graphic design, advertising, SEO, product photography, event planning, branding, co-packing, business services, and more. Welcome to the family!


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