Geek Out with Bad Drip and Northwest Vaper

What do you know about Brace Face, Snot Shot, and Dork Breath? For the unlucky few of you who have not had the experience to meet these delicious new members of the Bad Drip family, it's now your lucky day, Northwest Vaper has your back with the latest and greatest vape news!

Geeked Out Vape Juice Designs

Bad Drip Labs has successfully defended their title as one of the most original premium quality top rated E-Liquid manufacturers in the USA for years, that title is growing stronger than ever with the newest addition to their catalog of E-Juice, Geeked Out E-Liquids.

Geeked Out bring together some of the best fruit flavors in three attention grabbing flavors.  Going directly to the source, we asked Bad Drip to give us a quick description on what Geeked Out is all about, followed by our own detailed rundown of this amazing new vape juice:

"First flavor that we have here is Brace face. Brace face is a strawberry mango peach, little light on the mango. The next flavor we have in the line is Snot Shot - it’s an apple, pear, kiwi and then the third and final line is Dork Breath. That’s a watermelon lemonade, it’s a very great pair between the watermelon and the lemonade with a very light tart, little bit more fruity than you would expect. So definitely check us out and thank you. "

We are BIG fans of Bad Drip's design style and were very excited to get our hands on these new cool flavors. The bottle artwork is exactly what us fans of Bad Drip would hope for, and Geeked Out does not let you down with designs that give off a big dose of garbage pail kids 1980's nostalgia. It's about time a vape company came out with a Garbage Pail Kids E-Juice!

Geeked Out Braceface E-Juice Mango Strawberry Peach
Geeked Out Brace Face Strawberries Mangos & Peaches E-Juice

Dork Breath Vape Juice Tropical Sweet Watermelon Tart Lemonade E-Juice
Geeked Out Dork Breath Watermelon Lemonade E-Juice

Snot Shot Pear Apple Kiwi E-Liquid
Geeked Out Snot Shot Apple Pear Kiwi E-Juice

As you can see, these bottle designs are attention grabbingly awesome! What's even more awesome is the flavors are absolutely delicious and racking up both local and international awards for Best E-Juice of 2017!  Bad Drip Labs out did themselves with this line,  do yourself a big favor and try each of these vape flavors now!  You can order Geeked Out online at Northwest Vape, as a special thank you to our readers use coupon code GETGEEKEDOUT to take 5% off your purchase of Geeked Out E-Liquids  -  or if you are in the Pacific Northwest Geeked Out is available for sale and to sample at all Vaporland locations in Washington State.   Want your local vape shop to bring Geeked Out in? Send them over to NWVDISTRO.COM to get wholesale samples and to order this line for their shop!  All new wholesale customers will get 25% OFF their first order, so now is the perfect time to bring in this new line!


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